Top Tips For Choosing Profitable Keywords For Your

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Top Tips For Choosing Profitable Keywords For Your

The first thing when doing keyword research is to start to play around and got some worthwhile lists of words and phrases in your niche. Today I want to demonstrate how to check out the potential profitability of keywords to max out your potential

Picking The RIGHT Ones In order to pick the right keywords, you need to keep three things in mind:

No. 1 -They must have a good number of searches (around 10,000, but the amount can vary).

No. 2 - They must be relevant to your niche (don't use cake molds if you have a toxic mold website!)

No. 3 -And they have to be profitable. How do you determine whether they're profitable? In this article were going to look at some methods for finding out.

Now first of all, if a keyword has lots of searches, that means there's probably some money in it. If so many people are looking for those keywords, they're probably all set to buy something. But as I said in the last post, lots of searches means lots of competition. A better method is to take keywords that get fewer searches (around 10,000 global per month) and see which of those are making money.

Simple & Easy Way

Here is an extremely easy way to get a pretty good idea: Search the keyword in a search engine. Then, see how many sponsored ads there are. These ads target the keyword you searched. So, if there are a lot, that means it's a money maker. If you don't see any, skip it.

You can also do this over time to see if it's a keyword that consistently makes money. Search it today and take a screenshot; then, do it again next week. Is it still selling? Compare several different keywords this way and you can get a decent idea.

Another way to check the profitability of a keyword is to use Yahoo Overture or Goggle AdWords and see how much they're charging for it. Keywords that they're charging a lot for are bigger money makers.

Invest (a little) In Your Research

If you don't mind spending some money, run a short Google AdWords campaign and track the results. Choose a few different keywords related to your niche for the campaign. This will show you how many people are clicking after searching that keyword.

ClickBank Is A Great Research Tool

One more good way to find out if a keyword makes money is to check out Clickbank. Clickbank is a site used by affiliates to sell digital products. You can see which products are high gravity and hot sellers. This means there are lots of affiliates promoting it. It doesn't exactly mean there are lots of sales, but it's a pretty good indicator that money can be made from it.

Now, I've just hit you with a barrage of methods for finding out is a keyword is profitable, but here's a consideration? With the right marketing and a high-quality product/service behind it, ANY keyword that gets enough searches will make you money. What's Your Competition Up to? Before we wrap it up, I want to just give you one more tip on choosing keywords - You should always check out your competition. You can do this by searching the keyword and seeing what sites come up at the top of the SERPs. Check out these sites page ranks. If they're low, that means you've got a good chance of passing them up for the keyword. So all that's left is to get started.


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