E Force Chill Left Glove Mens Racquetball Gloves

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E-Force Chill Left Glove Men's Racquetball Gloves

E-Force Chill Left Glove Men's Racquetball Gloves

$19.99 Estimated price.


E-Force Chill Left Glove Men's Racquetball Gloves : The "Chill" glove from E-Force is the first completely perforated racquetball glove - providing total wrap-around cooling and comfort. Perforated Cabretta Sheepskin palm and open-mesh spandex back create air-flow that wicks away moisture, keeping your entire racquet hand dry. In the heat of competition the "Chill" provides a sure game-winning grip. Full leather ring finger & little finger provides extra protection while allowing fingers to flex and grip the racquet easily. Set-in thumb provides comfortable feel and extra freedom of movement. Air-Flow spandex open-mesh back.Perforated Cabretta Sheepskin palm and fingers.Soft, elastic sweat absorbing wristband.

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