Whats Going On With Rich Energy And The Haas F1 Team

Whats Going On With Rich Energy And The Haas F1 Team

Answer: F1 is a racing league best described as 'the playground of billionaires'. Teams can spend astronomical amounts of money in a season to just place top 3, let alone win. To help pay for this, F1 teams tend to take very - VERY - rich sponsors (think banks, cigarette companies, etc). Rich Energy is a sports drink company that, by basically all available information, doesn't really sell very many energy drinks. It's available in only a few select locations, mainly clubs, and unless they're making hilariously amounts of profit per drink they should have nowhere near enough money to sponsor a F1 team at the level they did. Since the sponsorship was announced, exactly who Rich Energy are, what they sell, and how they have the money they apparently have has been an object of mass speculation amongst F1 fans and journalists. A good summary of what's been found is available here. This digging and speculation apparently pissed off Rich Energy - or at least one of its employees - enough that they sent out a tweet saying Rich Energy is cancelling it's sponsorship of Haas F1 because the sponsorship is underperforming. The politics and PC attitude in F1 is also inhibiting our business. Since then, Rich Energy has put out another statement readable here. Tl;dr: they're blaming an executive for shooting off a tweet with no backing from the company.

What should you do if your child gets a bad school report? We have all the advice you need to get them to pay attention in class and start achieving better grades. Maybe your child isn't interested in the subject, says Sue Percival, of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT). Try to get them more involved by making it come alive maybe take them to an exhibition. Perhaps they can't stand the subject.. Bob Carstairs, assistant general secretary of the Secondary Heads Association. Talk to your child about how you can help. Can you give them practice at home or ask for extra classes at school? Sue Percival adds, 'Ask if the school runs a mentoring scheme, where older pupils give the younger ones help. Provide an environment that encourages them to work, and try to keep any other children quiet,' says Bob. If they study to music, make sure it doesn't distract them.

But don't be too strict, a child might work better if they study for half an hour, go out on their skateboard, and then return to their homework. Follow a pattern and stick to it, for instance, let them unwind when they get in, have tea, then start work. You need to build up their confidence,' says Sue. Have a general discussion with them and praise any good points. Explain that if the teacher can't read their work, they could lose marks. Then get them to practise during the holidays, says Sue. Work through this at home,' says Sue. Look your child in the eye when you talk to them and get them into the habit of listening. Says Sue: 'See the head of year, not the teacher concerned. That way someone else can negotiate a compromise. And look at your own attitude. Are you rude about other people, and has your child picked that up? Learning expert Dr Mel Levine, author of The Myth of Laziness says: 'Find out why a child isn't doing well, rather than calling them lazy. Is making satisfactory progress'But is that good enough? Is it the teacher or the child not understanding a subject? Find a neutral time to get your child to open up,' advises Sue. Good to Know features loads of great advice to help you look after your family. Good to Know also features a great new recipe section. Checkout our soup recipes and our great selection of curry recipes.

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