Recipe For Philippine Yema

Recipe For Philippine Yema

Yema - talk about a gooey Philippine dessert! Yema is a Filipino custard candy that many people in the Philippines and Filipinos overseas love to feast on in just about any given time. Bite-sized, it is a well-liked custard that we eat as a quick treat after meals or as snacks. Many of us would carry it around in our pouches or lunch boxes. Colorful, it is also a popular dessert that we give as presents to families and friends. The sight of yema wrapped in vibrant cellophane or paper never fails to lift up our spirits. Also, yema is a fancy finger food. We would serve yema in toothpicks and lay them on platters for guests to enjoy during parties. All you need are eggs and milk and you can make this soft and chewy treat. To add to that, it can be modified to suit your taste or whim. For example, you can add in coffee to make coffee yema, nuts to make nutty yema, or vanilla to make vanilla yema. You can also add in food colors to splash in playful hues to this rich brown dessert. Really, the possibilities are endless! Now below is a quick and easy recipe to make yema, the Philippine custard candy. Place a pot over low heat. Pour in condensed milk into the pot. Pour in egg yolks. Add in butter or margarine. Continue stirring until mixture is thick. Allow mixture to cool. Once the mixture is cool, get a spoonful of it and shape it into either a ball or a pyramid. At this point, you can choose to roll over your already sweet yema onto sugar. You can, however, skip this step as yema is already perfectly sweet. Wrap yema in cellophane or paper. Alternatively, you can stick yema into toothpicks and serve it on a platter. Now enjoy your homemade yema or give this gooey Filipino dessert to friends and family!

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