My Rich Mums Ebook Secrets

My Rich Mums Ebook Secrets

Just as I was walking to my favorite table with my warm coffee, I notice a lady meddling with her personal computer while sipping her drink. I took a glance and swore that face looked familiar. Anyway I thought my memory might not have fully awakened and so continued my walk towards my table. Now, I sat facing straight to this demure lady and suddenly it struck me, she was a well-known internet marketer, lets call her My Rich Mum. I was planning to start my own e-book business and have been surfing for more information and her picture always seems to pop up in e-book sites. I knew I needed a mentor like Rich Mum if I wanted to start a successful e-book business. I was usually a shy person but at that moment, some part of me told me to get my back off the seat and walk towards her.

Well, I did just that. I approached Rich Mum and started a conversation. I introduced myself and told her I was planning to start an e-book business and asked if she had any tips or advice. All she did was to pull a card out of her purse and told me to only open the card when I reached home. The “namecard size” card was wrapped in a light blue wrapper. Rich Mum then wrote her personal contact number on the back of the card and told me to read, adsorb and understand the contents of the card. Her instructions were for me to understand the contents and to call her the day after. Not knowing what else to do, I thanked her and went back to my now cold coffee. That day after work, I went home all excited, ready to unveil the contents of the card. 1000.” I wrote Rich Mum a cheque on the spot. Hey, she was a famous internet guru and people would pay up to the thousands for by the hour consultation.

Soon we were discussing about e-books and I was busy trying to jot down everything she said, word for word, sentence for sentence. The moment came when she started to explain the contents on the card she had gave to me earlier the day before. This was it, I specifically told Rich Mum to speak slower. My hands were tired by now! The following was what Rich Mum said exactly: “Choose my topic This is where most people would take tons of time during their creation of their e-book business. Trust me, people climb onto the e-book wagon with only one objective in mind, making as much money as possible. Your first priority should be adding as much value as possible, when you do that, people will automatically part their money with you. Before you plunge into choosing any topic, always ask yourself the following questions: “What do I do for a living?

” “What are the types of knowledge I have? ” “What am I interested in? ” “Are there secrets I have that people might be very interested in? ” The above questions should lead you to adding value to a certain group of people and earning money at the same time. Write my e-book Once you have the above step covered, once you already have your topic, writing your e-book should be a breeze. You do not need distinctions in English to write an e-book. People love e-books which are written in a more casual tone and not a stern go by the book tone. I always create my table of contents first, and then simply proceed to elaborate on the points I wish to bring forth. Its really that simple. After completing that e-book, I almost always convert my e-book into a PDF file, so that more eyeballs will be able to read it.

The PDF format is friendly with most desktop platforms. Please always format sentences to be of 1.5 spacing and try to use larger fonts. This is because of the fact that it is always harder to read on the computer screen as compared to a hard copy. Create my website Your e-book website is not going to be a complicated website full of programming jargon. All you really need is two important pages, namely the Sales Page and the Thank You Page. The sales page will be where you show visitors your sales letter; it is the showcase of your e-book business. The thank you page is where you will have a link for the download of your product; in this case your product is your e-book. You can be a total computer idiot and yet own e-book businesses. A great tip to creating that website is to reply on friends who are well-versed in web designing.