Life Is Hard For Rich Kids

Life Is Hard For Rich Kids

This sounds like an easy road for them, but it has lots of downsides. I mean that's their choice. They don't have to depend on their parents for their entire life. They don't have to go to a university. They don't have to take the job that's waiting for them. That's, quite literally, entirely their choice. Other people don't have that choice. Rich kids will feel sad too but who cares, their parents are rich, right? The psychiatrists that spent thousands of dollars to go to school care. The hundreds of support groups with prohibitively high costs care. I've witnessed this a lot, when rich kids talk about something that bothers them, they get a sarcastic "life must be so hard!" comments. Rich or poor, a lot of people don't want to hear your sob story. Not really. Once you move out you can be whoever your want to be. There isn't a community online where rich kids can go to talk about these things. I don't personally know online rich kid communities, but do not even try to pretend like there are not social clubs restricted to the wealthy. How can you relate to someone that has to pay most of their income in rent while your dad owns entire apartment buildings? Ok so move out of Daddy's apartment building and go get a job. How can you relate to someone trying to get good grades and working so hard in college when your dad will give you a job or buy you a business or let you live off investments? Ok so decide not to take the job or give away the investment money. The problem with your post is you're making a lot of claims like they're absolute givens. I feel bad that you don't feel motivated to work? That's a choice you made. A choice that isn't available to 99.99% of the population.

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