How Do You Serve Lobster Cakes

How Do You Serve Lobster Cakes

Lobster cake are a versatile dish that has been served in this country since the time of the colonists. Traditionally associated with Maine, lobster have gained popularity world wide. Their popularity comes not only form their delicious flavor, but also because they are so quick and easy to make. Traditional lobster cakes are made with lump lobster meat, are fried in clarified butter, and served warm. While this is a delicious way to serve them, it is by no means the limit on what you can do. You are really only limited by your own creativity when it comes to preparing and serving lobsters. Take the sauce for example. Many times lobster cakes are served plain, but if you want to change up the flavors, a great way to do that is with a flavorful sauce served along with your lobster. You can serve your lobster cakes with a nice Hollandaise sauce, or maybe even a citrus mayonnaise.

If you prefer a more spicy flavor, go with a chipotle sauce. Feel like a taste of the orient? Try a teriyaki sauce or other Asian sauce variation. If you see a sauce recipe that you think might taste good, give it a try. You can even change up the flavor of the lobster cake itself by changing the ingredients a little. Try adding some Cajun, southwest, or Asian seasonings to the lobster mixture before you cook it for a different taste. Do not be afraid to experiment a little. Another way to change up the traditional lobster is considering how it is served. Rather than serving just it plain, try serving your lobster on a sandwich. Try serving a couple of small lobster on a hoagy roll with lettuce, tomato, and some seasoned mayonnaise for a Lobster Poboy. You could also serve it open-faced on a piece of French bread topped with one of the sauces you created. How about a lobster salad? Simply serve one of your lobster on a bed of mixed salad greens with raspberry vinaigrette on the side. The point is, your lobster can be as traditional or as creative as you want them to be. The only thing that is limiting what you can do with the lobster is you. Whether you serve them as a main dish, an appetizer, or on a sandwich or salad, it all depends on how brave you feel with your creativity. Have fun and change up the flavors from time to time. Who knows, you may come up with a new taste sensation.

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